Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing catch up

These past few weeks have been, to say the least, insane! I have found a whole new meaning for the word stress. I have fallen so behind on my school work because I was in the process of changing my major. Now finals are in two weeks and I HAVE to focus on right now and get my schedule under control.

Now for some good news! I officially changed my major! I was in COSAM majoring in biomedical sciences, miserable and unable to put myself through that kind of stress anymore. Now I am in the college of education majoring in rehabilitation services. I'm still not sure what I want to do with that yet, but I will continue to pray and, in his own time, God will show me what he has in store for me. I hated COSAM, the teachers, the class, the advisers, everything. It was awful, the advisers were just the worst! I could never really go talk to them. Anytime I meet anyone going into COSAM I tell them to GET OUT WHILE THEY CAN! I officially transferred on Tuesday. Let me just say I am sooooo happy with my change! Education advisers are so nice and so helpful! I am so mad that I didn't do this earlier! I am planning on graduating next summer! I have to stay through the summer because I will have to do an internship. I am just so excited to start the program. This is just what I needed! I needed a refresher in my motivation since I've been going straight through since 2007. Now I just have to get through finals....

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter weekend!


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