Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first post :)

Hello! I have been following blogs for a little while now, and I have decided it was about time to jump on the band wagon! I'm not really sure how this whole thing works, so just bare with me! Here are some things you should know:
~The name's Emily 
~ I am 21 years old
~ I attend (in my opinion) the best school in the world, Auburn University. War Eagle!
~If you couldn't tell... I love all things pink!
~I am a member of the Zeta Xi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I love all of my sisters and would not trade them for anyone!
~I have been dating bGe since September 2005 

Well, I guess that is enough about me. Here's what I've been up to:

My sorority's philanthropy is Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is the largest autism organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, and a cure for autism. Autism Speaks also increases the awareness of autism spectrum disorders. Autism Awareness Day was April 2, 2011. (that was the day of our pink rose formal!) So in celebration of Autism Awareness Day we are having a week long celebration! Friday we had a ceremony where we lit up Cater!
Here are some of us with Aubie! :)
We will also have some restaurant nights throughout the week where some of the proceeds will go directly to Autism Speaks :)

We also had our big formal that we have every four years, Pink Rose on Autism Awareness Day! All of our dates wore ribbons on their coats :) Here's a pic of me with the boyfriend :)
Andddd I LOVEEE this one of my girls
We went to the historic Biltmore Hotel and had a fabulous time! This was my favorite formal thus far! However, I think I could make any situation a good time as long as I'm with my sisters!

Well that's about it for my first post! I hope you have a beautiful day! And bear with me as I get it all figured out! :)



  1. Yay, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging--you're going to LOVE it! You look gorgeous in your formal pictures! I'm so glad to be following you now! Have a fabulous week!

    P.S. Thanks for following me!

  2. Your blog is precious!!!! I love reading fellow sorority girl's blogs!! I'm a DG! Love your pictures and can't wait to read more!!!

  3. Blogging will be a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go to the Biltmore. I just ordered a dress in the same Lilly print as your background! xx

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! Your pictures are so cute, and hats off to raising awareness for your philanthropy.

    Thanks for following my blog. Can't wait to read more of yours :)

  5. Hey! I just came across your blog...I am an Alpha Xi Delta at West Georgia but I am coming to AU this fall for grad school! Oh, and my name is Emily, so we have LOTS in common!