Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Bug

Soooo.... I just realized my birthday is in 12 days!! How did it sneak up on me so fast? Where the heck did May go? I am kind of dreading this birthday because I will be 22. There are no more birthdays to look forward to now, just getting old. After 21 you have nothing "big" to celebrate other than the fact that you are freaking old.... I just want to stay 21 forever! I wonder if everyone feels this way after 21? I mean how did I not realize that my birthday was coming up? When I was little I would have like a six month countdown! And the night before my birthday I wouldn't even be able to sleep because of the excitement of waking up and getting to open my wonderful birthday presents, it was like Christmas! I would always have a party, but now that I am in college and have drifted away form my high school friends and with my birthday being during the summer when no one is here I don't really have anyone to celebrate with. Plus the fact that I am taking summer classes and don't really have time to celebrate. It makes me sad that birthdays have just become another day. I just hate that. I guess it's because one of my grandmothers made this rule a few years ago; if you are 21 and not in school you don't get a birthday present. I mean how terrible is that, my own grandparents will stop buying me birthday presents as soon as I graduate. Grandparents are supposed to be the ones who spoil you to death, I mean it's not like I'm being a brat, and whining about not getting a gift soon, I wouldn't mind having little things that are useful like picture frames or something like that. And it's not like they don't have the money either. I really just don't understand it. I guess it's her way of punishing the ones who didn't go to college? I don't know but we continue to buy her presents and she says we aren't supposed to buy presents! Confusion..... All I know is, when I have kids no matter how old they get they will always have that special day and I will make a big deal out of it.

If anyone else has a birthday out there this month Happy Birthday! Know that you are special and beautiful and your birth is always something to be celebrated!


Friday, May 27, 2011

It's about time

Wow it has been a while! I have been so busy doing absolutely nothing! I got through finals alive! I had my week long "summer break" and now I am taking classes over the summer :(. I told myself that I would stay away from blogging and tumblr and fb while on break and I stuck to it so that I could enjoy my break. Enjoy I did in deed! I caught up on all my shows, gossip girl, glee, vampire diaries, and pretty little liars! Yea, I was totes productive!

Today bGe and I are going to my lake house for memorial day! I am so ready for it! My whole family will be there and it's going to be a lot of fun! But I do have one question. Why is it when men travel they have to get in a horrible mood? At least all the men I know get in a bad mood, and then that puts me in a bad mood... I mean were going somewhere really fun, you should be in a good mood! Oh well! Nothing can get me down because I don't have class again until wednesday! Well now to enjoy my little vay-k

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Stay safe and if your gonna be out on the water like me, wear sunscreen!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing catch up

These past few weeks have been, to say the least, insane! I have found a whole new meaning for the word stress. I have fallen so behind on my school work because I was in the process of changing my major. Now finals are in two weeks and I HAVE to focus on right now and get my schedule under control.

Now for some good news! I officially changed my major! I was in COSAM majoring in biomedical sciences, miserable and unable to put myself through that kind of stress anymore. Now I am in the college of education majoring in rehabilitation services. I'm still not sure what I want to do with that yet, but I will continue to pray and, in his own time, God will show me what he has in store for me. I hated COSAM, the teachers, the class, the advisers, everything. It was awful, the advisers were just the worst! I could never really go talk to them. Anytime I meet anyone going into COSAM I tell them to GET OUT WHILE THEY CAN! I officially transferred on Tuesday. Let me just say I am sooooo happy with my change! Education advisers are so nice and so helpful! I am so mad that I didn't do this earlier! I am planning on graduating next summer! I have to stay through the summer because I will have to do an internship. I am just so excited to start the program. This is just what I needed! I needed a refresher in my motivation since I've been going straight through since 2007. Now I just have to get through finals....

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter weekend!


Thursday, April 14, 2011


School. is. hard. period. I am so over it. I want to be done, or just drop out. I am so overwhelmed I feel like I am going to explode. I have come to the point where I need to vent, after all that is why I made a blog! :)

So I will give you a little background on my life. When I started college I wanted to go to dental school. Around the end of my junior year I decided I did not want to go to dental school. My major is biomedical sciences that is the typical major for pre-med, pharm, and dental. Well if you don't go to one of those schools then you don't really have other options on what you can do with your bachelors degree. So I figured I would just go ahead and finish my degree and figure out the whole job situation later since I was so far along. Now I am a senior but I have known for a while that I would not graduate in four years (ie this May). Now I have to stay a whole extra year, but now I really just cannot go on with biomedical sciences. I am miserable, it is so hard and I put so much effort into it for it not to show.  I have worked my butt off and I am just so tired and I have just run out of motivation. I have been in school nonstop since fall of 07, summers and all. I want to switch majors to something a little less demanding. I am now thinking about exercise science, health promotion, or rehabilitation. The problem: in exercise science you have to apply for it and you can only apply for the fall and spring, I have missed it for fall and in order for me to graduate in May of 2012 I need to be in there for the fall. In health promotion and rehabilitation you have to have an internship; I still have to do all of the course work in order for me to be able to do an internship in the spring. AHHHH WHAT DO I DO!!! I am so stressed and so worried. I have had 8480201973987 mental/emotional breakdowns the past couple of weeks. :( College is so hard. Like my mom says, "If it was easy everyone would do it". Well here's the catch I don't real plan on using my degree because I was thinking about going to a local community college and go to their radiology program. So pretty much I am wasting my time with this four year degree business. I would just quit now but I would feel HORRIBLE wasting my parents money like this. I also feel kind of dumb for wanting to just go to community college. Does that look bad on me? I will have a degree from Auburn but not using it. I mean how do you KNOW what you want to do for the rest of your life? I'm only 21 I don't think that I am capable of making these kinds of life altering decisions.

I am jealous of people who are really passionate about what they are going to school for. I mean how do they know that's what they want to do. I know God does everything for a reason in time, but I have no idea where he is trying to lead me. I know worrying get's you no where, but what else am I supposed to do, it's my future.

This Monday I will be meeting with career development services to help me figure all this out. Soooo I will let you know how it all goes, and maybe I will have a life plan! Sorry this was sooo long, but I need to get this out because bGe is getting tired of hearing my breakdowns.

Oh yea, and get excited! This weekend is parents weekend!! :)

I hope everyone's week is going better than mine. Remember what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!


Friday, April 8, 2011

I love everything about the South....

Being born and raised in Alabama I love everything about the south. The people, the food, the traditions, everything, BUT the humidity. In Alabama we have two seasons: miserably hot and miserably cold. Humidity plays a key role in the awfulness of it. I also HATE how it effects my hair. I have naturally wavy/curly hair so in the summer all I can do is curl it, and I am accustomed to it, in the SUMMER. Well, today I didn't straighten my hair but i just pulled it back and straightened my side bangs. I walk outside, in April mind you, I had to GASP for air! The humidity was so thick that i could cut it with a knife. (every time I think of this expression I think of that scooby- doo episode where they cut the fog with a knife and eat it. haha) I was not prepared for this, it didn't even rain! So I just had to give up on looking cute for the day. I also hate how the commercials say like our shampoo will keep your hair from frizzing out in the humidity. They obviously they have NOT put it through the ultimate test in the south. I am ok with my hair frizzing out in the summer because I am ready for it and pretty much everyone else is frizzy too. I have never found a product that has worked miracle on my hair to keep it straight through the summer months. So my question to you is have you found anything that works for you...I might give it a try! :)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first post :)

Hello! I have been following blogs for a little while now, and I have decided it was about time to jump on the band wagon! I'm not really sure how this whole thing works, so just bare with me! Here are some things you should know:
~The name's Emily 
~ I am 21 years old
~ I attend (in my opinion) the best school in the world, Auburn University. War Eagle!
~If you couldn't tell... I love all things pink!
~I am a member of the Zeta Xi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I love all of my sisters and would not trade them for anyone!
~I have been dating bGe since September 2005 

Well, I guess that is enough about me. Here's what I've been up to:

My sorority's philanthropy is Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is the largest autism organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, and a cure for autism. Autism Speaks also increases the awareness of autism spectrum disorders. Autism Awareness Day was April 2, 2011. (that was the day of our pink rose formal!) So in celebration of Autism Awareness Day we are having a week long celebration! Friday we had a ceremony where we lit up Cater!
Here are some of us with Aubie! :)
We will also have some restaurant nights throughout the week where some of the proceeds will go directly to Autism Speaks :)

We also had our big formal that we have every four years, Pink Rose on Autism Awareness Day! All of our dates wore ribbons on their coats :) Here's a pic of me with the boyfriend :)
Andddd I LOVEEE this one of my girls
We went to the historic Biltmore Hotel and had a fabulous time! This was my favorite formal thus far! However, I think I could make any situation a good time as long as I'm with my sisters!

Well that's about it for my first post! I hope you have a beautiful day! And bear with me as I get it all figured out! :)